Women's DV Program

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Women’s DV Program

VISTA: A Program for Women

Vista is an 20-week(20-24weeks) curriculum addressing women's use of force in relationships. Within Vista, women explore the motivations, intent and consequences for their actions. Vista emphasizes that the use of force is not appropriate and teaches healthy alternatives. Group topics include Identifying Forceful Behaviors, Anger, Defense Mechanisms, Healthy Boundaries, Effects of Force on Children, Conflict Resolution and Healthy Relationships.

Usually in combination with:

Treatment of Women Arrested for Domestic Violence: Women ending abusive/violent episodes respectfully (WEAVER) Manual. (2003) 

     For secondary and primary aggressors with alcohol and or drug addiction and trauma;

Seeking Safety Recovery Groups for Women:

The mental and emotional distress faced by women experiencing serious abuse is overwhelming.  Almost half the women reporting serious domestic violence meet the criteria for major depression, one-fourth for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Furthermore, 28 percent have symptom scores as high as a norming group of persons entering outpatient treatment (Goodwin et al., 2003).

We offer the Seeking Safety recovery from PTSD and substance abuse (www.seekingsafety.org) as a main intervention tool for women in recovery from abuse.  Seeking Safety is an evidence-based practice, meeting field criteria as an effective treatment for PTSD/substance abuse (Chambless & Hollon 1998).