The Teras Mission:

Teras Interventions and Counseling is a grass roots nonprofit that seeks to promote several facets of social justice through a variety of accessible, affordable, culturally informed counseling and other social services to the people of Multnomah County and beyond. Throughout the program, safety for adults andchildren who have been abused or at risk of being abused is our highestconcern.

The History of Teras...                                                         
Domestic Violence Intervention Program
  and Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment Centers

The Teras Domestic Violence Intervention Program was formed out of what were the resources of TerasInterventions and Consulting, a sole proprietor business of one of the Teras founders in the spring of2008.  

TerasIntervention and Counseling Inc.’s founders soon recognized prioritizing victimsafety and financial goals of for-profit agencies is difficult to impossible to reconcile.

InApril of 2009, Teras Intervention and Counseling Inc. a 501 (c)3 charitablecorporation was formed providing options for perpetrators to access  mandated or self-referred  programs without impacting the financialwell-being of their survivors or current partners. Often survivors of domestic violence withpartners in a mandated *batterer intervention program (BIP) are still livingwith their abusive partner or plan on reuniting in the near future. Find out why by clicking this link. If notstill together the abusive partner is most likely paying child support and other financialobligations impacting their survivors' economic stability.

For more information go to our  page and "like" Victims of Domestic Violence Should Not Pay for Batterer Intervention Fees."  

In August 2010 Teras added the alcohol and other drug addiction program to be better equipped to address the multiple complex issues of people we work with. The outpatient program is state approved to meet all court requirements for DUII, probation and other forms of court mandated treatment. The alcohol and other drug treatment program also maintains integrity with our mission to provide affordable, accessible, quality treatment for individuals living in the Tri- County area and beyond. 

*The use of the term "Batterer" is an industrywide recognized word describing domestic violence perpetrators and in no waydescribes all the types of violence used in intimate partner abuse nor does it describe all program participants. Most typesof abuse and control are not illegal and often unrecognized by others. If you feel like you are being abused talk to a domestic violence advocate or call us and talk to one of our program clinicians. If you feel controlled, manipulated or otherwise harassed by a current or former intimate partner- you probably are. Trust your feelings and contact a domestic violence advocate for help.

Click for information on the Gateway Domestic Violence Drop In Center in Portland, Or.