A&D/DUII Treatment

Our Philosophy andApproach to Alcohol and Other Drug Dependence

Addiction is considered a disease of the body with effects on thespiritual, psychological, relational and communal functioning of the individualafflicted. Our approach is client oriented, community based, motivational andaccountability for ones recovery in a natural support system is stronglysupported and encouraged.

Our Values

Social Justice which includes: Economic justice- affordableaccessible services; Safety and Equality- safety for victims of abuse andequality for all genders; Fiscal Responsibility- transparency and accountabilityto the community; Commitment to Quality- services based on research andconsumer input; Community Involvement-natural supports are encouraged andsupported; Coordinated responses to all afflictions of the spirit and body; wecoordinate care with  other grass rootsmovements, government, community and spiritual services that are committed tothe clients we serve.

Who accesses ourServices?

Most have been mandated, some are self referred. We receivereferrals from a variety of county corrections units and the Department ofHuman Services. Clergy are often the first person someone will contactregarding a life problem. We accept referrals from any religious and spiritualcommunity.

How to Pay forTreatment

Clients pay a weekly fee for services which include groupand individual sessions as needed. Drug screens are an additional fee dependingon the current price of lab services. Payment levels are determined on asliding fee based on US poverty levels and will be supplemented with communityservice hours. We are dedicated to providing accessible treatment to all nomatter what their circumstance. We can do flexible payment plans, incentivesfor paying in advance and alternatives to paying cash for those who qualify.

Types and Levels Alcoholand Other Drug Services Offered

Teras offers level 1 outpatient to level 2 intensiveoutpatient and DUII services. The main modality is groups and individualsessions as needed. Limited Case Management is included in the price. For someclients a community engagement approach is more effective. Community basedinterventions are included in the base price and done on an as needed andclinically appropriate basis.

Service Area

We offer services to anyone residing in the Portland Oregon and Tri-County surrounding area. We will never refuse service to anyone based on inability to pay, race,religion, national origin, disability status, gender, sexual orientation,criminal history, level of education, age, or any other reason.

Treatment Methods and Modalities

All the treatment methods mentioned below are done in the context of individual and group intervention and counseling within the framework of a trusting and accountable facilitator client relationship.

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Contingency Management
  • Community Engagement: (home assessments and interventions, and other nontraditional settings of service, etc.)for high risk probation clients andthose who are at risk for significant consequences(jail, loss of child custody, visitations, etc.)if treatment mandates arenot met.
  • Manualized Treatment Groups
  • Trauma Informed Services
  • 12 - Step Facilitation
  • Risk Needs Assessments
  • Case Management for high risk offenders and alcohol and drugclients